Drew Lock should ignore experts and declare for the NFL draft

Drew Lock is at the top of his game in college football. He should ignore the recommendation of NFL draft evaluators. Performing well in the Texas Bowl will only confirm that he’s peaked. He has much more to lose, than to gain, if he stays at Missouri for another year. Here’s why:

If Lock stays at Mizzou and matches or exceeds his stellar performance from this year, NFL draft evaluators won’t give him the credit that he’s due anyway. They’d keep him at a mid-round draft grade at best.

And it’d be tough to match what was an excellent 2017-2018 season: Lock improved his Average Yards Per Attempt by 32% year-over-year (7.9 to 10.4) and became the most efficient quarterback in the SEC by far, while almost doubling his touchdowns from 23 to 43. If his offensive coordinator leaves for UCLA too, even like with most NFL quarterbacks, he’s more than likely to regress and hurt his draft stock if he sticks around at Mizzou next year.

Finally, a significant injury will wreck his NFL draft stock and turn him, in the eyes of NFL evaluators, from a quarterback of the future prospect to a benchwarmer.

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