The Air Raid works in the NFL

You’ve got official Air Raid quarterbacks who are beginning to succeed in the National Football League like Case Keenum, Jared Goff, and yes, even Nick Foles who is outperforming expectations.

You’ve also got quarterbacks like Tom Brady who flourish in a passing system that’s adopted traits of the Air Raid, such as dynamic option routes, who continue to meet the high bar they’ve set for themselves.

But it’s not just the quarterbacks who benefit from the Air Raid. Wide receivers like Julian Edelman have mastered option routes and have found ways not just to get open but to set themselves up to get huge yards after catch.

At the core of Hal Mumme’s Air Raid offense was one key principle adopted from Glenn “Tiger” Ellison: Getting players to have fun. They’d really invested in option routes to help their players have more fun. Hal Mumme and Mike Leach thought up ways to evolve their offense, with esoteric things ideas like splitting their offensive linemen wider, so the linemen would always have more angles to attack the defense in the run game and be able to do their job instinctually. Less thinking on the field means more action means more fun.

If you’ve got journeymen who have had good seasons, but also some terrible ones, they might start to get a little burnt out. With luck, and with a little fun, the Air Raid breathed life back into the career of Josh McCown.

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