Two virtual reality apps you should try

The experience of being immersed in virtual reality can feel quite wonderful. And it’s something that can be accessible in your own home. Some apps do it well on rails, and others do it well with a great open world experience. How VR gets you to that sense of immersion and delight doesn’t matter. What matters is that it gets you there.

If you’re going to put on an uncomfortable, front-heavy VR headset on your face, alone in your room on a Saturday afternoon instead of going out to see friends, VR really needs to be worth your time. Nothing will ever replace how happy I felt as a kid when I first played Super Mario Bros. 3, but if VR can convince me that I’m somewhere new, perhaps it can for you too.

Two apps immerse and delight well: Coco VR, where you roam around a Pixar-created world in a theme park like experience and Aircar, an open world experience that lets you drive a flying car similar to Deckard’s Spinner vehicle from Blade Runner. Think Grand Theft Auto without the guns.

You feel like you’re visiting unique, enormous new worlds with Coco VR and Aircar. Both have entrancing environments. Coco immerses with its pastel skylines and almost steampunk-like backgrounds. Aircar makes you feel like you’re driving around in Blade Runner’s neon-lit dystopian Los Angeles. Both immerse with great music and sound.

Sometimes-clunky VR technology also won’t get in your way. Both apps have interfaces that work seamlessly. You can figure out how to move around and interact with objects in a few quick minutes. Coco gives you a quick, guided tutorial and Aircar just shows you the controls up front. When you’ve figured out how to move around and fiddle with the controls, you’re free to just enjoy the experience.

If you’re like me and really enjoy being engrossed in new worlds, Coco VR and Aircar could be very good introductory apps for you. Perhaps you’ll be able access that sense of childlike delight and wonder too.

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